Style: Black Dress

Today was a mini adventure to do some test shots for a future shoot! I really liked the plants in the area since it was high. It would look great in the background of a portrait if someone were sitting low. I'll like to come back when it's all green too!

I got this dress from GoJane. There was a red one that was tempting to get but black is forever my favorite! The bag I got from a thrift store I awhile back.

Isn't this so cute and tiny? I also got the rose studs from above Craft'n Bettie!

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  1. Whaha love the picture of the octopus on his head!

  2. I like the way your photos came out but those splinters look fierce.

  3. Beautiful pictures... seriously! And yay you're wearing the boots :D

  4. Such a cute dress :)So glad you got your jewelry! I sold so many of those little rings they're adorable.

    xo Amber P.

  5. I am a sucker for black dresses too :) Oh, and your hair is so awesome! I love the color, and your little octopus critters are too too cute. I want one of my own!


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