Style: Black Dress

We had a mini adventure out to do some test shots somewhere. May have to reconsider because the place has knee high prickly plants and someone is bound to get splinters (me). You can see it in the first picture. Such a pain :|

New dress bought from GoJane!

 I did one want one in red but I'm cheap and such a sucker for black dresses. Love it because it's a good fit ~but~ the belt that was included looks like it's been used and will most likely snap.

Isn't this so cute and tiny? I also got the rose studs from above Craft'n Bettie!


  1. Whaha love the picture of the octopus on his head!

  2. I like the way your photos came out but those splinters look fierce.

  3. Beautiful pictures... seriously! And yay you're wearing the boots :D

  4. Such a cute dress :)So glad you got your jewelry! I sold so many of those little rings they're adorable.

    xo Amber P.

  5. I am a sucker for black dresses too :) Oh, and your hair is so awesome! I love the color, and your little octopus critters are too too cute. I want one of my own!