Loreal Magic Perfecting Base Review

Price: $13
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Normally, I'm fairly good with researching a product before buying. I should have read further into it rather than a review or two along with word of mouth. The box does say face primer but does not say your foundation will last longer or that it would prevent it from fading.

It does say instantly smooth.

It does fill in pores/lines which is something I'll prefer over an actual face primer.

My nose is basically a huge dry patch that lotions and exfoliating show little improvement. This product gave me no dry flakes! It fills in fine lines decently but avoid the eye area if you have oily skin. Otherwise, it's a good product for problem areas!

I'm not sure if I'll be okay paying full price for this perfecting base because it's such a tiny jar. Though my nose looks amazing now.

I also use aqua glycolic toner to minimize pores.

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