False Lashes Madame Madeline

Now onto the lashes! I bought those from Madame Madeline.

Here's Modlash #53 and #70~

Two for $5.20 each. The coupon code GLAM15 probably still works :D I haven't heard of a brush on adhesive... for someone who ends up losing the tiny ones and squeezes too much glue out... I HAD TO TRY IT.

and it's amazing.

#53 lashes with NYX lipgloss Natural.

ELF pressed powder Honey & colorstick Golden Honey, #70 lashes, NYX lipgloss Pinky Natural

#70 lashes & NYX lipgloss Natural + Pinky Natural 

#70 is my favorite for the slightly longer length and #53 is definitely more natural.

Wearing Studio Fix again! I haven't thought of wearing a lighter shade so when it oxidized it'll be more natural than HI IM ORANGE. Nice glow.

Something's not right with my wide angle lens and taking photos with a 50mm lens is not awesome with limited space/no tripod so I'll figure out how to make the quality better on my fuji. It usually changes purple to blues. Very apparent in the hair .__. I don't want to bother my boyfriend into taking pictures of all my makeup looks haha.

I've worn those two lashes for over a week with the help of this cleaning tutorial.

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