Pink Mustache & News

I won this pink mustache! I've been dying to get my hands on it :D I imagine in a month or two, I'll be sporting pink hair and I could finally match!!

This is cute! Thank you, Sarah! :D

~ If you want your own mustache, brooch or pin~ you should check out Nerdbiskit!

I made an attempt to do something with my hair.

I'm opening up a shop to help out with college funds.  The teacher is really trying to pressure people into purchasing a physical book that's $100+ for an online class.  When we all just bought a code plus a second code to even access it online. We only go in 2-3 times for finals. I don't see a purpose in this physical book when all the questions/tests are done online??

A good portion of the shop will have my hats, some headbands and amigurumi.

Plus, I forgot about Fanime! I'm going to be dressing up as Luna in her human form. Sailor Moon. Yeah?

I'll need a little help- if you are randomly browsing online for clothes and spot a basic yellow dress. Cheap! of course as I'll be making modifications (don't want to die over a dress I could possibly ruin) pleaseeee send me a link! I'm on the look out. I have two months to put together this outfit.

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