Thrifty finds.

There's a hole in the wall thrift store by where I live. It's pretty teeny and connects to a small warehouse full of furniture, more clothing and whatnot.

Super amount of regret of not buying these.

I got a large piece of felt months ago and tried searching for any possible materials in boxes. There was one full of fabric with some yarn peeking out but it didn't catch my interest until I dug my hand into and pulled out mustard yarn. A must for my future project... coincidence?!

I found some polyfil nearby and thought why not... just to find out the price.

I drew this for my boyfriend haha!

:'D right??

I may or may not be posting more adventure time doodles in the future. teehee.

Ordered brushes from ELF and found this coupon code for $2 shipping: GAN195


Bowties and Button Ups
Galactic FOTD
Knit Hat
Chocolate cinnamon roll muffins

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