Illustrator + Art

I'm trying to get back into drawing. I was always deemed as "the artist" while I was a teen but laughed it off because of my process to get a finished product was quite messy. I find it impossible to draw without reference photos. I can use my imagination to an extent but anatomy throws me off or I can't think of poses on the spot. 
(Adobe Illustrator)

(Corel Painter 12)

(Adobe Illustrator)

(Adobe Illustrator and Sai Paint Tool)

If you're into art programs then Sai Paint Tool is one to try out! I love that you could use patterns in it. I downloaded brush sets/textures off of deviantart and looked up tutorials. It's pretty awesome to experiment with.

(Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5) 
(Adobe Illustrator)

I used Open Canvas a few years ago. Once the trial runs out you can't save.. so can't keep those layers for coloring :( But if you are done, you can just screenshot it (teehee)

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