EOTD using BH Cosmetics + Art

purple hair makeup
These are my favorite color combos. I was inspired by Maneater Makeup! I'm going to start using up those palettes more often and eventually it will hit pan.. then I could go off collecting pigments again :3

purple hair
curly girl method purple hair

I want to do a group giveaway on this blog during my birthday week but it may be too hectic to ask around & set it up with an unreliable connection (Boo!). So if you are reading this and want to giveaway an item on this blog, email me! Next month I'm going to complete one class, have my birthday party, take the final exam for another class & go to Fanime! Next week's work is going to be ridiculous. I'm going to be drained from working out and studying.


I offered to doodle up some people and since having connecting issues the comments section isn't loading in instagram. Hopefully soon!

Here's Polly! One of my favorites. Still trying to figure out how to color that hair ;D

Who is ready for summer? :D

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