HIP LOreal Gel Liner: Review

Price: $10

I used this gel liner for nearly a year.  I loved this product. Coming from a person who can't wear normal eyeliner w/o turning into a raccoon within the hour.

Personally, I like the brush but it may feel hard to some. I think that's why I like it because it's sturdy and picks up a lot of product. A little goes a long way and it's difficult to remove with water. This stays on the waterline. Perfect for tightling the eyes to give a fuller and darker lash effect.

This product stayed on while having watery eyes, rubbing my eyes, and rain. It's also good for those needing a waterproof fill for dark, black brows!  That's why I kept going back because it was my first time using a gel liner and it actually didn't budge with my oily lids.

I have gone through 3-4 pots with practically daily use. The first pot lasted a good two months and the rest were barely 4 weeks.  This product needs to be used up fast! I still had more than half of the product left when it dried.

I don't like to waste product and I've done the microwaved mug water trick and putting saline drops into the pot to turn it creamy again. It's only a temporary fix. It just didn't work as effectively and often left me with irritated eyes. I definitely wouldn't recommend using it up if it's way too dried out because it will glide on but you may get hard clumps that either: smear on your eyelid or get into your eye.

(Roy Lichtenstein inspired)

What's your eyeliner preference? (pencil, eyeshadow, liquid or gel liner)

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