Review: Proliss Twister Clipless Curling Iron

I won a gift card to SneakPeeq from Violet's giveaway on Blythe Ponytail Parades!! This curling iron caught my eye at that time.  I was dying for a clipless iron! It was around $25 on that website.

I only had to pay for the shipping! A downside is that the items are shipped two weeks from date of purchase *plus* waiting for the actual shipping to you! I'll say this was worth the wait.

So far I'm loving the waves that I get from this. There's no light indication for when it's ready and you have zero control over the temperature. I'm going to assume since my hair was easily curled that it's around 350-450F. Occasionally it might smell weird at times. I love that the whole rod heats up because my other iron doesn't heat up at the tip. My hair is too long and I have to wrap it around the iron too many times. Clipless option works great!

Update 2018: I still own this curling iron and it works well.

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