Slouchy Skirt OOTD

I'm normally a tank top and jeans/shorts person.. but I've been slowly adding different pieces to my wardrobe. I only have my 50mm lens since my wide angle needs fixing! I could only get one decent shot but it's just so tight without a tripod.

Shirt- Papaya | Skirt- F21

It's one of my favorite skirts now!  It's so comfortable because of the elastic band. I love the slouchy look and pockets.

Got those roots done with Splat's Purple (stained forehead!!)

It was nice to wake up and get to reading Violet's recent post, Freelensing tutorial!! I'm terrible at remainders! I kept telling myself I would do this last weekend and the week before that. I finally gave it a shot. Probably should focus on practicing on still objects, not moving puppies.

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