Loreal Hicolor for dark hair

Loreal Hicolor in Magneta & Red

I noticed a good amount of visitors coming to my blog about this dye and also emailing me about whether this will actually work on black hair. Yesss! The dye says for dark hair only and requires a developer. It means you should have virgin hair otherwise you need to use a color stripper!

I used this over a faded (5-6 weeks) demi-permanent black dye. One tube of Red and Magenta with a 40 vol developer thinking this would work after researching on the web & word of mouth. The result was just a tint with vivid roots.

Remember! Virgin hair or use a color stripper if you have dyed your hair. It doesn't matter how long ago it was or if it's faded, you could end up with much brighter roots!

It comes out bright without the use of bleach but results will be intense if hair is pre-lightened. I wouldn't leave it on longer than 40 minutes. I know some people have later redyed their hair again using Loreal but you could touch up with use of a veggie dye (SFX, Raw, etc) *instead* and you won't damage your hair.

loreal hicolor magenta over faded dye

I do recommend that you use this dye for lifting your roots. I would use about 1-2 tubes every 2-3 months. Works amazing without having the drama of bleach!

loreal hicolor magenta
You can see the new growth and how bright the color still is!!

loreal hicolor magenta
(everyone needs a dye tee)

loreal hicolor magenta and red

If anyone has used any of these colors or the other reds I'll LOVE to see!

Have you used Loreal Hicolor?

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