This Year Is For Change

Here are a few photos I have been working on for fun. I always have a craft or photography bug. I really GET into doing one thing and ignore the other. My boyfriend made a softbox that I am dying to try out on an actual person. (!!!)

I'm more prepared for this next shoot because of the little details I have decided to stick with and the extra light. Usually I'm vague and indecisive for the fear that I may sound too demanding to look a specific way. If the client doesn't speak up about wanting a specific look then it's time to step up. Free rein for me!

Someone said a photographer should be responsible for poses and for the longest time, I didn't think too much of it. Kept a few poses/ideas in mind and would hope that someone would eventually loosen up and do something without direction. More than often it never happens. You can get a few good shots but after all that time, you know it could have been better if you were more prepared. I'm terrible at posing myself so how would I be able to help the person I want to photograph?

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