Birthday Wishlist

Ever since being introduced to fashion bloggers, I am dying for a wardrobe full of summer dresses. I only own three dresses. My favorite one is the peter pan collar dress. I love it but it's way too heavy for summer.

fun & groovy floral dress with a white belt, yes.

This reminds me of vintage wallpaper that I saw when I was younger. I remember orange & yellow flowers with green thrown in. Such a faint memory!

floral market dress
I want everything turquoise. I really like it paired with red or pinks. Peter pan collars are too cute. Want thissss!

shoreditch floral doc's

I would LOVE to own these one day. I have trouble imagining clothing items on me and MUST see someone to model it like this! The price is amazing considering the one below:

1460 floral

I was looking for a dress for my birthday. I'm on a super tight budget though since something happened and I needed to borrow money. It will be paid back!

I don't have enough money on one card, unfortunately. I never actually bought anything in the store at F21. It's like a maze for me and I can't find anything I see online in store anyways.

bow back floral

This would be above the knees on me!

I'm turning 21! I am the oldest in my group of friends and it's quite odd to have that reversed for once. I have ALWAYS been the baby of the group. Now I have to count down the months to go out to bars, concerts, etc with others. At least I can buy myself a drink at dinner, right? D:

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