Bday & Adventure Time at Fanime 2012

May was my busy birthday month! I never got around to actually making a post. I didn't expect time to just fly by after completing classes. Normally I have to-do lists lingering but have been winging all this free time.

This was my outfit for the morning until I lost to the heat.  Long hair is pretty unbearbale in the summer. 

A few gifts..
jo totes millie
Jo Tote's Millie in Teal!! It fits my camera, wide angle lens and the 50mm!!

purple doc martens
Thanks to my boyfriend...  I have wanted Doc's for years *-*

My boyfriend and I love adventure time! He got these prints & stickers while we were at Fanime :D

My favorite shot at Fanime while we were leaving.

adventure time cosplay, fanime 2012
The Ice Queen's dress is beautiful!

We only stayed for several hours at a time during the weekend. I had a photo shoot scheduled and will be sharing a few photos later! Photographing someone that's able to pose on their own is amazing AND a breather!

My set up is cramped with inadequate lighting. I want to actually learn about lighting/set ups without spending a fortune on equipment I don't know much about. I've had my camera for years but haven't done portraits long at all. Only since this year. Finding models is quite difficult.

What have you been up to lately?

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