Beach Trip & Makeup Looks


We had planned a somewhat last minute trip to the beach with friends.  I haven't experienced plenty of sunny beach trips. It was in the 70's and so beautiful. Glad that we were not back home to experience the heat in the 100's. It felt like an oven until midnight or beyond that. I'm not ready for this heat!


ladybug inversed 50mm lens

I lost my sunglasses and most of the photos were not in focus. I'm surprised that I was even able to get a clear shot.

zumiez blue floral sunglasses
Recently got these new ones! I got sucked into the blue and pink. Much darker and have this pinkish tint that I adore. It makes everything (especially my hair and sunsets) much more pretty. It'll make for a nice filter with a point & shoot.

Forever21 shorts
I finally bought some shorts after going through my dressers to find none that were comfortable. $12 is the best price I've come across so will be stocking up on those from F21!



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