Fading RAW Deep Purple

Here it is freshly dyed:

raw deep purple

7 months with no shampoo
raw deep purple 7 months fade

Now the fading process!

Clarifying shampoo & crushed up Vitamin C for 1 hour over dry hair along with hot water washes.


Clarifying shampoo & regular shampoo:

Tresemme shampoo has sulfates and lathered up like dish soap.. so this will strip out your hair color. I've shampoo'd several times and finally got this result.

I love the blue violet at the bottom. Slightly lilac hair~esque. Had to share it!
Probably have another week or two before it'll fade no more! Well these are some methods to get color out without bleach. (Do you know of any more?) So impatient...can't wait to change my color!! :D

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