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Manic Panic Voodoo Blue

I'm dying to do some portraits and since no one seems to be available I'm doing myself! Which can either be fun or "Is it in focus yet?!" Looks like I have finally hit my hair goal length and it only took a million years!

This is one of the BEST summers I've had in years. Not once have I sat at home wondering what I'm going to do for the next month and having no ideas. I've done several portrait sessions, attempted hiking, met a bunch of new people, came out of my shell, did some crafts, dyed my hair blue, attempted some outfit pictures and released some PS actions!

First time I've ever been social and it's not as intimidating as I thought.

Metallica! 2-3 years ago, I think. There was a time that I went to a bunch of concerts and it all seems to mesh together now. I haven't been to one since last year and Iron Maiden is coming up next month. By now it's only the lawn available.

Anyways this shirt no longer fits at the bust. My second attempt at a crop top.

Then there's this hand-me-down black lace tube dress! I am no longer determined to force this to fit on me. It simply will not zip up around the bust. It's one of those things you know there's a HUGE possibility of the zipper not coming back down and you may have to cut yourself out!

I feel like I've disappeared for weeks, what have I missed?

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