Alice in Wonderland-Esque + Update

behind the scenes

I really love this collaboration with S.F. Effects! A friend had mentioned the shoot looked like Alice in Wonderland and I'm shocked that I didn't see it earlier! Beautiful makeup, lighting and in a rose garden.

Here's a peek of my post-processing!

I stitched seven photos together and merged those layers together. Duplicated a layer again to use my new curves Pop at a lowered opacity with some contouring layers.

Is there anything YOU would want to see? Challenge me!

We got contacted with a concept a few days ago that I've been wanting to do for so long. Once a date's set, I'll be sharing behind the scenes on my facebook :) Secret for now!

 I have been receiving some emails/requests/questions lately.

-Why I'm not updating as much
-Requests on a number of things

Most importantly...
-That my craft blog has changed.

This has always been my outlet. For the longest time, I didn't even share it. I posted about my crafts and put up my patterns here since I didn't renew my domain.

I made the decision to expand my blog instead of it becoming inconvenient for me to keep up with separate blogs. I've tried doing it before and I don't see why I can't have all of it in ONE.  You aren't obliged to read or comment on what doesn't interest you. ♥

I am going to school, trying to get as much photography work as possible and putting aside to relax. The only way for me to improve is to immerse myself into it. I end up working for most of the day and then I'm just not up for doing anything else other than relaxing.

Why no new crafts or patterns? Well, I recently shared the pattern to my bunny and I didn't have to. I'm not required to share anything and I do it for free.


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