DIY: Fill In Brows With Gel Liner

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This was requested. I forgot to post it :)!  My eyebrows are quite fake and I love it.  My favorite method is using gel liner because it stays on much longer than eyeshadow and pencil. Plus, it matches!

To be honest, I don't naturally have sparse brows. I used to have extremely thick and long hairs which made me self conscious as a teen. In the process of over plucking I actually picked up a nasty "habit". It's getting better because there's actual brow hairs to show you :P

Maybelline Gel Liner- Blackest Black
Forever21- Black e/s & mascara
Physicians Formula- Gentle Cover concealer
I adore thick brows now. (Of course now, right? -___-)

It bothers me when people set rules for makeup and that info gets shared everywhere. Welp going to break it! Thick, dark brows? Oh yes. Going a shade or two lighter than my natural color? Nope. Any kind of brown or grey is not black, sorry!  Mascara in your brows? Yes, it's going to happen.

I love using this method with mascara since it's quick and also gets the job done.   I'm not aware of any gel liner colors that would match blonde hair. (Who has blonde brows and colored mascara... let me see!!!)

I've only heard AMAZING things about Anastasia products that I kind of want but put it off.

What do YOU use to fill in your brows?

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