Hike with Flower Crown & Doc Martens { Sahara Mahala }

Sahara Mahala by The Jezabels on Grooveshark blue hair flower crown

Jean// Forever21
Boots// Doc Martens
Everything else// Ebay
blue hair flower crownblue hair flower crown

I like having little adventures out in nature and taking pictures of it! I thought about going camping and being surrounded by beautiful scenery but with allergies, I can only see myself being completely miserable. I don't really hike and we attempted to go uphill. Terrible at it!  

We recently introduced nuts and grains in our diet along with eating smaller portions. I'm really liking it so far since it's not something I'll easily stop. I don't really see the point in diets anyway. Who wants to lose weight to have it return suddenly? Not me. Prefer lifestyle changes and results to keep!

I kept looking behind me while I was trying to get up there. I have a thing for heights haha. Seeing the tops of houses is a little too high for me. I was fine while I went up on the Space Needle. To me that's not the same as possibly slipping and falling downhill. At least my boots kept me firm on the ground.

The park that we went to has a group of those who do LARP so I'm thinking that magician card has something to do with it? Maybe. Probably not.


I've been following Hurricane Sandy since I first heard of it and came across several photos all over facebook, news sites and tumblr. :( Stories from tumblr can really get to you. At least they are safe! Patiently waiting to find out if some bloggers are alright. Have you donated yet? ♥

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