When The Photographer Becomes The Model

It's really awkward.

It's easy to forget how uncomfortable it is on the other side of the camera. I was too stiff, too aware of my awkward limbs and didn't know what to do. Fashion bloggers either set up a tripod themselves or get a photographer (or family, friend, significant other) to photograph them.  The poses, their facial expressions.. it looks easy! Why is it the complete opposite for me? Hahaha.

These are 'behind the scenes' photos taken by my boyfriend, actually. That would explain why I'm not looking at the camera in some. I do love the ones he took when I wasn't being photographed by someone else.  You can see the potential!  I generally dislike being photographed on outings and such because there's always somebody out there that doesn't know what is considered an unflattering photo. Photo bombs are completely different since those were intentional and fun.

My questions to you:
Have you ever been photographed by someone else, friends, photographers AND were you happy with those photos? 
How did they make you feel comfortable?/How would they be able to make the experience better for you?

Basically I'll like to know this. Gather enough information to help my clients and friends when I am shooting them :) 

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