(( Bows ))

You might have already seen a sneak peak on my instagram ♥   I got sent two pretty bows and extra cute goodies. One bow was recently featured here.  Remember those sprinkles?! Too adorable. I haven't ever seen a bow like that before.

I can't get over these cuties and those colors.  I'm probably going to hoard these forever.

My hair is so long, I actually don't know what to do with it.  I think my problem is solved with accessories!

Every bow is handmade with lots of love! I've watched Castle of Bows grow for almost a year now. Rachel recently put up some hair clips and will be adding more new items eventually.

  The prices are inexpensive and the quality is amazing. If you are loving floral, solid colors, cats, lace, galaxy and pokemon... then grab some bows!

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