EOTD - ELF Brights

I'm messy! I use any kind of concealer as a base but lately I'm using NYX's Milk. If I wanted to brighten up my shadows, I'll get my brush wet and pack the color on. I love MAC pigments and BH Cosmetics... but for this I used ELF's Brights Mini Palette. One of my presents from Christmas!!

((1)) Urban Decay Primer Potion with NYX's Milk as a base.
((2)) Dipped a brush in water and picked up some orange shadow.
((3)) Packed on this bright pink shadow with water.
((4)) Slowly blending and re-packing color on with water. Added some purple!
((5)) Of course, used some turquoise underneath & a mix of a peachy color + white as the highlight!
((6)) Lined the top with Maybelline Gel liner. Used NYX's Milk to line my waterline.

Happy Wednesday! Have you used ELF's eyeshadow? It's my first experience with it and I quite love it!

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