Goals for 2013

I'm not a fan of new years resolutions. When you go on Facebook, people announce it but only to look goal oriented and come off as "inspiring". Actually DO it!!   I typed up a huge list of goals when I was a teen and found it a couple of years later to cross nearly everything off.  I'll like to experience that feeling of accomplishment again. Who's with me?!

One of my favorites is to own a Fuji Instax Wide and document our adventures together. I'll like to make a book to hold all of our tickets, little trickets and jot down some memories. I still have a ticket stub from '05 haha. For the time being, it'll have to be put on hold since I have something else to go after!

Blog goals

Weekly series.
Free pattern once a month.
Craft tutorials.
More guest posts.
Sponsor features.
Document thrifting adventures.
Write more, be personal.
Outfit posts, perhaps a weekly series?
Makeup tutorial.
Show my new 365 project.
Blog features.
More freebies!

2013+ goals

Get hands on a sewing machine. (YAY!)
Learn to sew.
Youtube videos.
5 months to get beach body ready.
Find the right bra size (o ho ho ho). 
Relearn to knit, always.
Get booked tons more.
Form a team for my photography business. 
Upgrade my camera.
Find a cheap full length mirror.
Get photography website up.
Become more organized.
One clothing item per week to grow a new wardrobe.
Revamp my hairstyle with keeping it long!
More outdoor adventures.
Go to a bonfire at the beach.
Make leggings.
Make octopus plushies.
Continue my 365 art project.
Follow through with Tone It Up.
Film camera or Fuji Instax Wide Camera.
Read one book each month.
Dawn adventures, watch sunrise on a beach.
Cover a song with my ukulele.

We finally got a sewing machine. It's a Babylock Anna. I am calling it Annabelle. >:)

We went to Goodwill to pick up a few dresses and cheap tees to reconstruct. Our first project together was frustrating (well, for me) and time consuming. We probably shouldn't jump into something complicated first but at least it was only $2. Thank you, Goodwill!  It wasn't a complete fail but next time it'll be better.

Share your 2013 goals post in the comments!

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