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F21 Dress (Goodwill!)
Ebay: deer ring + necklace

It's been 16 months of having purple/blue hair. I kept talking every couple of months about changing it in 2013. To FINALLY go back to natural colors but the idea scared me because what if it wasn't me? Red feels natural for me.

This wasn't the original plan but I don't exactly have funds for hair adventures yet. I'll have a friend complete it when I save up enough. This is nice though.

Coconut oil $3
(3) Ion Brilliance Brights $14

If this red dye is amazing as RAW Ruby Red then I'm definitely switching over. This large tube of dye is under $5 compared to a $13 bottle or small tub of Manic Panic. It smelled good to me and barely stained my skin. PLUS PLUS PLUS.

Does anyone else with bright hair  try to avoid wearing colors that are close to your haircolors?  I've had dyed hair for almost two years and even though I was only red in the very beginning, got in the habit of avoiding red. LOL  But this morning I was wearing a red shirt and red plaid pants.  SO MATCHY BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE.

Ion Brilliance Brights Red


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