Ion Brights Red

It's been 16 months of having purple/blue hair. Every couple of months I kept thinking about changing it to a normal color by the new year. Part of me wants to grow out my hair and the other part is too scared of normal.  Red surprisingly feels natural for me.

Coconut oil 
Ion Brilliance Brights in Red

This large tube of dye is under $5. It's super thick so adding conditioner makes it much creamier to apply and it also dilutes it so you're able to use less! It smelled good and barely stained my skin. Huge plus. It's very bright.

Ion Brilliance Brights Red

Does anyone else with bright hair try to avoid wearing colors that are close to your hair colors?  I've had dyed hair for almost two years and even though I was only red in the very beginning, still have the habit of avoiding red.


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