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((I)) On our way for a birthday event to shoot. It was about 7+ hours of shooting and half of the time the lighting conditions were terrible. So. many. photos. (and grain :( )
((II)) My newest wig and it's super bright/white! I got this for a shoot but I had to try it on myself.
((III)) I ordered these off of eBay. Best $2 spent!! ♥
((IV)) I'm going through a weird designing thing and it sucks. I'm trying new shapes, placements and color combinations. I can't seem to make anything that I like. It's still a WIP.
((V)) Doodles for my ~365 . I used to draw all the time until a few years ago. Now I'll like to get back into it and learn more things. Probably should get a sketchbook..
((VI)) Eevee (right) just turned 2 years old ^o^
((VII) I'm one of those "I collect jewelry but rarely wear it" types.    Do you see that owl's crooked eye?  I love it.
((VIII) Another WIP! But this has a face by now. Attempting a kitty octopus.
((IX)) I decided that all proceeds will go towards my indiegogo. SHAMELESS PLUG! I might become camera-less this year so if you could share the link and tweet it, much appreciated! ♥ This bunny needs a home :3

I may have tweeted about finding dresses at Goodwill. Well, here's a peek!  I love the soft focus, glowing hair and the bright colors from the dress. Lots of pop.

I'm becoming more active on these babies:

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