{first film camera}

Only one didn't come out but the rest are great! I really love these prints in person.  I used my DSLR to photograph these since I don't have a scanner haha. I'm assuming matte was a good choice for that.  I already have another roll used up during a hike that I'm excited about but I don't want to go crazy and spend too many money all at once!

There's a thrift store near my house that's sort of hidden that has tons of film cameras. It looked like the cameras were sitting in a box for many years and it was just thrown out on display.  Goodwill usually doesn't have much to choose from. Last time we saw this one that looked like a toy. Bright colored, long and weird shaped. Should have taken a photo of it haha.


Yelp helped me find one shop nearby and the cost of one roll was around $10. I would like to try out different iso speeds soon. Many ideas formed in my head after seeing these. I can't wait to pick up another roll and use it on a photo shoot. Though I may just grab a single roll and see how that goes first. Packs are cheaper, right?!

If you have used film, where do you go to develop it?
Has anyone used Walmart for that?
What do you do with your prints as for displaying them in creative ways?

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