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I have wondered about changing my blog name before. CANDYPOW definitely doesn't give you hints on what my blog is about. I've tried having two blogs before and it's a pain in the butt. Two different subjects, blogs, layouts, followings, comments, emails and...why can't it make more sense to have it all in one? Awhile back someone had featured me as a beauty blogger. I didn't know haha. At the time I was blogging crafts, patterns and photography. I may have done a post or two about makeup.

Honestly I'm conflicted sometimes. Some of my patterns get featured, bring in crazy amounts of traffic and then it makes me think I'm suddenly a crafts only blog to others. I don't mean to disappoint, really. It works for some people but my vote will ALWAYS go towards variety. It personally keeps me reading the blogs I do. There's just too many interests to limit myself just to one or two. I'm not enough to be a fashion blogger, beauty, crafts, personal, etc. This is my blog! I'm tired of these rules of what I should be doing as a blogger.   This year is for more posts about my interests, hobbies and preferably personal thrown in as well. It's strange that it's difficult for me to open up to you all when most of you I've never met! Should be that much easier to tell you all of my secrets >:)

Doing what I want! Here's Sarah from S.F. Effects for a last minute test shoot yesterday.

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