Birthday OOTD// 5 things about me.

Might be the eyeliner that gave me such sad eyes in this photo.

TOP: here ♥ // SHORTS: Forever21

I'm not really dressing up today :3 It was brought to my attention that I should probably post more details about myself soon. I'll start off with a five things about me.

  • Today is my birthday.  I am finally 22!
  • I am a twin. 
  • I've wanted to be an artist when I was six. Graphic designer while I was in middle school. Last couple of years: web & graphic designer, photographer and crochet shop owner.
  • I am a selective mute. Some people say that I'm rather outgoing even though I'm so quiet. 
  • Crissy is actually my nickname! 
Now... what are your five things?

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