Crafty Lately: Sewing, Crochet & Knit!!

I am fascinated by the whole process of designing and creating handmade plushies. It looked complicated from a nooblet's point of view. I was too intimidated to even attempt because I'm generally horrible at following written instructions without a visual or keeping positive while frustrated. There should be no excuses since we have a sewing machine. Start simple, right?

I love foxes so much. I have been failing miserably on coming up with a crocheted verison ever since a friend requested it. I wanted to create my own design but I couldn't get the face shape down. Why not sew a fox instead?!

I like the wonkiness of it, the big nose and the legs. I might sew the scarf on it to hide the mistakes. I can't wait to start making another fox.  Attempt 2 will probably be in two pieces rather than three! Wish I have picked up red and more white felt now.

This time around it was much easier. Completed this kitty in a couple of hours. Attached the tail in a much better way in comparison to the fox! (Yep, if you didn't notice it. Don't look D:)

NEW!! I wanted to make some bright colored panda octopuses and I started off with my favorite color.  It's also finally up in Squittle.  I wish there was more a color selection with those felt squares.. I couldn't find a yellow to match my yarn at all :( 

The usual one is here. Each time I make a new one it seems to get larger and larger.  I'm tempted to buy some huge safety eyes and make a beastie one!

Happy Wednesday! ♥

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