Thrifting Thursdays

It's a little surprising to see how much has changed in a week! The shoes that I loved were no longer in that special case. Ever since I saw oxford shoes at a {higher end} thrift store, I wanted my own! I'm extremely picky and wanted a better deal. Somebody pointed these shoes out on the rack and got me all excited when I saw it was marked down half price. Also in a size I could wear. Perfect (!!!) Unfortunately I'm currently waiting days/forever on a few payments and was a few dollars short still which is why I avoided the clothing racks haha.  Next time I'll look at clothing. Next Friday is my birthday! :D

The boyfriend bought it. Spoiled.

Can't wait to put an outfit together for these.  I already have something in mind.

More photos below.

This is beautiful work! Wish I had space for these. It's probably not a good idea to start collecting things to hang on our walls when it'll be impossible to stop. 

I'm curious... Does anyone know what this sort of thing is called?

Pretty cute dolphin.

There's always a new kitty face there.

This was pretty adorable. Super tiny elephant and I didn't buy it because my room would probably eat it.

Monsters! ♥

I LOVED this so much. It was only 6 bucks but I would have preferred it as a rug. At that point: don't wipe your shoes on my owl! haha.

Look at what he found! A cute teeny claw machine

...and it actually works!

 Have a good day everyone ♥

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