Cute Finds

1) DerpStuff by CatButt: SO CUTE AND BIG!?
2) Ellamobbs: Pug brooch. :3
3) Tumblr :I love all the pink, her nose and nose jewelry!
4) Limecrime: LOVE Pastel nails. 
5) Cosette&Fox: I already tweeted this but I'm a sucker for that color..
6) Jessaweyo CrossStitch: There's also Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Ramona Flowers & more!
7) Tumblr: Yesssssssssssssssss.
8) Georgia: Those pins are AWESOME.
9) Lauren Winzer Tattoo: My favorite tattoos are animals :D I love the eyes!
10) Tumblr: Don't those heels look impossible?! haha.
11) Tumblr: I think that may be my favorite kind of cat.
12) {Parks & Rec} on Tumblr: LOL horrrrrible.
13) Elsbian: Love it! View more of the sassy animals

Which one is your favorite?

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