Pink Chiffon OOTD

Hello! I took these photos the other day~ The lighting was a little crazy with this wig. Maybe another day :)  I bought this skirt in a color I don't normally wear. PINK.  This was MONTHS ago and I've only worn it twice.  I want one in teal or a lighter mint...

I don't know why pink seems like an impossible color for me to wear but it just is.  I still like it!  It's a good length for me. Might be the cutest item in my closet.  It's quite stretchy and comfortable but it just doesn't fit me the way I want it to.  I wrapped a hair tie in the back. I prefer a tighter feel and I like to wear skirts at the high waist.   Can I fast forward with my slow developing sewing skills and fix this? (if it's possible, I really don't know..)

I put it up in my shop here if you'll like to scoop it up.

I found out why it doesn't fit :D   I decided to lay off the drinks and eat healthier back in January. We also went on a couple of hikes while the weather was nice and I could see my stomach slowly getting back to what it used to be.  For us shorties, ten pounds can make a huge difference! Bye bye beer belly haha. It's been a couple of months of no visual change but I am CONTENT! I think it's time for me to get into yoga again.  :)

I'll be sharing a new pattern and giveaway sometime soon.  Please let me know if you would want to be part of the giveaway. I need a couple of more people! Ad sizes are welcome too :) 

Happy Monday!

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