Teal hair & Skull OOTD

To be honest, I haven't been dressing up much lately! I have been lazy in that area but getting things done and becoming obsessed with Korean dramas. It's crazy to say that I haven't crocheted in TWO weeks. I'm not sure if I even crocheted daily but going a few days is not normal for me anyways. Worked on this brown fox today and took off the arms haha. I still haven't taken proper photos of my sewing squishies, maybe soon?

Jacket: Goodwill// Top: Ebay // Skirt: Ebay // Shoes: Goodwill // Necklace: Gift // Plugs: Plug Club

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I don't know why I'm so into foxes lately! I am definitely going to make more and sew more of those babies. I'll love to experiment with more colors. If only our craft stores carried more than a few selected colors. Someone had tweeted about Walmart. It made me jealous because I actually went there earlier looking for some to find a small box in the corner with ONLY red felt LOL. What the poop?! Where do you get your felt squares?
I want a variety of shades, skin colors and lots of black!

The amount of amigurumi/plushies I've made in over a year has come to this.  The leftovers or the ones that never made it on the interwebs.  They just stay in a bag so I may list each one up!  I seriously don't even have space for my craft supplies so I can't have any cutesy plushies or anything yet. Puppies would chomp those up... :(

My shop has some new items. Blogger templates, presets and some amigurumi! I would LOVE some input on any of those.

I would love to come up with more colorful or minimal layouts.. but I need to be inspired by a color, font or design haha. I am a sucker for black and white minimal layouts that you could customize yourself. It's just too soon for me to change my layout! haha.

Happy Thursday!

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