Cute Finds

1) Luna Necklace: I have own of these eventually. Luna is my favorite!!
2) Kawaii Squid Tee: WANT PLEASE.
3) Bulbasaur Ring: Isn't this cute?!
4) Polly Pocket: This reminds me of my childhood. I remembr collecting these! So awesome to see it again.
5) Octopus Necklace: I've seen MOST octopus/squid necklaces and this is new for me so of course it's on my wishlist haha :3
6) Grumpy Cat: I'm Thrilled: I read this in a funny voice. I LOVE the cat's expression haha 7) Dexter: LOL this expression. Love it!!
8) Daisy Sweater: I'm not really into sweaters or long sleeves but this would be the exceptation. Daisies please. I actually adore the red sweater, usually I'm not into the other colors when there's black.
9)Spock Ring: YES?! Another item going on my wishlist. It's awesome that it's nickel free which means my finger won't fall off from scratching it too much :D

1) Black Chiffion Demin Top Dress: This is pretty cute. Wish it had sleeves though.
2) Demin Skater Skirt: Love it! Also comes in a dark wash. Wantsssss.
3) Demin Lace Dress: I've never seen a demin lace dress before!
4) Distressed Demin Jacket: I may have to buy one of these for next Spring!
5) Mint Floral Shorts: These are pretty awesome. Obviously still not over mint and floral!!
6) Cross Cutout Dress: Another dress! :D

What's your favorites/latest finds?

 Happy Monday! ♥

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