It's Like Snow

What do you do when you have no one to steal for shoots? Self portraits!  Does this still count as an OOTD if I'm only wearing a shirt and pants? Hmm. The summer edition: "Too hot for clothes but I can't be naked" ootd.

I am finally noticing a change in my photography and I'm not left wondering what had went wrong. All our lenses are calibrated, no longer getting a ton of soft images and shooting more while the sun is high. I'm starting to see things in a different way.  I don't know why I was overcritical and trying to follow a set of rules I made in my head. I am looking at my recent sessions with a new eye and getting much more photos out of it. My goal was to get most of the images to look great straight out of the camera and it was a success!

 top- metallica concert 
pants- ebay
ring- gift
Tiny flowers have been dropping everywhere thanks to the neighbor's tree. This might be the closest thing to "snow" for me.

It has been EXACTLY one year since I attempted my first crop top. I have a couple of DIY project ideas lingering in my head. (Seems to involve fruit... am I always hungry?) Some of these will need a thrift store trip with fingers crossed!  I haven't found anything yet but maybe I'll plan a trip to a handful of stores and increase my chances?!  Or go on a unnecessary shopping spree :3

One of them involves a fox and shoes. I can't decide if I should buy flats or crochet the slippers to make it a complete DIY project but an actual shoe will probably be much more comfortable!

My favorite photo!  I'm currently loving Pout Paint.

I'm really surprised by how well this dye is holding up considering the never ending fail with Red. It's been 6 weeks and that Teal is going on strong even though I'm conditioner washing my hair almost everyday. I've been doing a hair regime for the past two weeks to speed up hair growth! I'll be making a post for that later. At least it'll be easy to see thanks to my roots... -_-

Have a good Friday!!

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  1. I just found your blog yesterday and I love it! Your hair is absolutely amazing! ! How do you speed up hair growth? !


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