Pin Curls + Gracie Mint OOTD

Pin curls! It's been SO long since I've done it. It is going to be a goal of mine to attempt a new hairstyle for long hair. I managed to do a fishtail braid a couple of years ago and I haven't been able to do it since. Hands are broken >:(

Does anyone remember that blazer from my first Thrifted Thursdays? I haven't figured out how to wear it yet! It's definitely still too hot and maybe I'll bug a friend to model it for me instead in a photoshoot. My favorite part would be those huge buttons!  The back is quite baggy. I THINK I could try to alter it noob style. Any tips would be awesome!

Onto the rest of the outfit...

blazer- thrifted
shirt- thirfted
skirt- ebay
shoes- thirfted
bag- jo totes

I'M SURE YOU HAVE NOTICED MY NEW BAG RIGHT?? ;D The Gracie Mint that's been on my wishlist since forever but things just got in the way. FINALLY IT'S MINE. I honestly didn't even consider getting the Gracie until the new colors won me over. I thought about getting black to better match what I wear but I knew I would get mad at myself later for not scooping up the mint. haha.

I was worried about the size because I have 3 other lenses that I'll love to bring with me plus a flash. Most bags I have don't fit everything.THIS ONE IS HUGE. Everything fits even his Rebel camera. Craziness.

This is definitely a Treat Yo Self purchase. Also bought a couple of dresses and pretty wigs. BUT THEY WERE ALL ON SALE (that means it's okay hahaha) :3  It may not stop there. No. Stop me.

But seriously, treat yo self!!

What's that one thing that you really want on your wishlist?

Now I'm off to forever saving up for my dream camera.  Happy Friday everyone!

- - - - - - - - - -

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