What I Wore: two looks

dress- Forever21
skirt- unknown
headband- ebay 
plugs- plug club

I used to love red plaid when I was younger. I've had this skirt for a few years but haven't worn it at all. It's difficult to not immediately think it came from a schoolgirl costume. Right? Besides that, it's so tiny! I have seen pictures of what knee high boots and maxi skirts could do to a short person. "Oh. It makes them look cut off." That started the must only get mini skirts and dresses because I'm short. NOPE!

I don't believe in that anymore and now I want all the pretty things :(

Super excited for the couple session we are doing this weekend. I've had a few no-show's and this always happens when I'm in the mood to shoot and edit! So there might be more OOTD's from me for a bit haha.

glasses- c/o firmoo
top- ebay
pants- ebay
hat- silent daisy 
necklace/ring- ebay

lips- pout paint in "pin up"

Is it obvious that I don't show stomach often? It's still a little weird for me. I can't help but think of Amanda Palmer and the Rebellyon :) LOVE THY BELLY. 

I rarely ever wear jeans now that I got these high waisted pants. Since these were bought off of ebay, I know the quality won't be super awesome and eventually I'll have to sew up the crotch or butt.   Of course, it happened at the butt!! >:( I'll like to invest in some nice pants that hold up well and won't get my feetsies caught in many loose threads.  What I mean by invest is basically cheap. Maybe under $30? I'm not one to spend much money on jeans especially if it already has holes in it.  LET ME MAKE THOSE MYSELF.

Can I has lovely high waist jeans please? I can only imagine it's $50 and up online. Unless someone will share the secret?

The cheaper option would be hitting up the thrift stores but 95% of the time my size is out of stock or their sizes are only in even numbers. I'm the odd one out.  Do I squeeze into the previous size or work with the size up? Speaking of high waisted,  I recently won a swimsuit from Albion Fit and the swim bottoms are SO amazing.  I know that some people that think it's outdated but I love it so much and I can't wait to go swimming now.

I didn't show off my shoes in these because I've been playing favorites with these still.

Have a good Friday!!

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