Tea Party?

dress- thrifted
shoes- ebay
plugs- c/o urban body jewelry

I may have forgotten about these photos :( This is one of my thrifted finds from a few weeks ago. It's a Robbie Bee dress! This is tea length, right? The floral got me INSTANTLY. All I can see is this cutesy tea party or picnic photo shoot. I must make this happen! Maybe I should turn it into a game and find all the pieces by thrifting? :)

The dress is a little loose in the middle but I think it looks fine.  I'm not really used to wearing pastel colors other than wearing Easter dresses as a kid.  .

 I only wore those flats once before doing my fox DIY! It's a goal of mine to share a project each month and it'll be the FIRST sewing one.  I'm kind of nervous haha.

We are actually heading out to shoot at this location tomorrow so I CAN'T WAIT eeee.

I've never gone swimming when we visit the beach because the waves are at my height and will steal me away. This is the only one that I can go in without getting TOO nervous. Anyways, I was out in the water by myself pretty far. Out of nowhere, something huge hits my leg hard. I automatically freeze up. This was a few weeks after shark week aired LOL so silently freaked out until I turn around to see this little beast.

Happy weekend everyone!!


Questions {tag}

Decided why not?!
Also... I'll be sharing irrelevant photos on this blog post JUST BECAUSE.

If you could see any artist/band live which would you choose?
Again: Of Monsters & Men, Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria + Silversun Pickups.

Fleet Foxes, Seapony, The Jezabels, Best Coast, Beach House, Circa Survive, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, Tegan and Sara and so much more.

Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?
Photodreams Of Ailera Stone
What hobbies do you have that we don't know about?
I play a bit of piano, ukulele and guitar. Nothing fancy!

If money wasn't a problem.. what would be your dream destination?

I'll like to visit Japan for sure. I'm not 100% sure where else because I would probably prefer getting away from the city. Go to a lakehouse, farm or maybe secluded/hidden beaches. Lots of photo adventures and little hikes.

If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you pick? Anyone that likes any of these: thrifting, photography, crafts, squids, Star Trek, Doctor Who, any other sci-fi & lots of food then YES.

Jessa (Caked Vintage), Jess ( Mocha Fox), Jessica (Midwest Muse), Cazz (Nerd Burger), Berlyn (The Myopic Squid), Cait (Kitsch Vixen), Ashley (Southern CA Belle) Sarah (The Laughing Medusa), Chantal (Pony Chops), Rachel (Floral Prints And Common Sense) and the list goes on forever, basically. Obviously I'll be bugging everyone to be models.

What's something we may not know about you?

If you didn't already know, we are natural clones: Anda (Adorably Kawaii)

Thanks for tagging me, Berlyn!!! :3

I TAG....
Kailey Mermaidens
Lexi Rhinestone Religion
Adriana Horses Of Ares
Eeka Live.Love.Random.
Sammi The Soubrette Brunette
Rebecca The Cinnamon Slipper


Urban Body Jewelry {Review}

I immediately fell in love with these opal rose bud plugs.  It's cool to see those various colors when the light is hitting it!  I struggled a little trying to get these in since it's double flared but it's all good now!  Easily my new favorites! I have been wearing these nonstop for two weeks. You can check out their other plugs here. ♥‿♥

Most of my jewelry is either silicone or titanium and my ears definitely love these so much more. I'm sure these can't be worn in freshly stretched ears. It will most likely cause an infection since it can trap bacteria.  My ears can get quite sensitive if the wrong jewelry is worn like nickel or stainless steel.

These are my other favorites that I'll be including in my future "mini" shopping spree: pug and floral plugs (will be forever mine).  Fingers are crossed that by then some L shaped nose studs will be added to the website because I'm in need of some new ones badly!


Thank you so much Urban Body Jewelry for sending me these plugs! I feel spoiled. I'm not used to fast shipping. I was a little surprised since I have never received such cute packaging before.  Aren't the business cards adorable?!  Floral and galaxy, yessss!  How am I supposed to give these away when I want to keep these all for myself?  These are awesome.

- C/O urban body jewelry
dress- ebay
leggings- forever21


Cat Eye Inspired Frames {Review}

I think by now everyone knows how much I love Firmoo! They are my favorite online glasses store with the best affordable prices. I already own a couple of pairs. You can see my first pair here

The quality of the eyewear, customer service and prices are amazing. If you're on a budget and you need some glasses, check out their First Pair Free program! Your very first pair of glasses will be free and all you have to do is just pay for the shipping.

If you are overwhelmed by trying on glasses in person, Firmoo is your best choice. You can upload your photo on there the "Virtual Try-On System", scroll through pictures of people with a similar face shape or you can browse through actual photos from customers. All of these are quite helpful for me.

They were kind enough to send me these glasses. I chose purple, of course! I adore cat eye frames but the full on style has never been all that flattering on me. I decided to be crazy and take a risk by choosing these cat eye inspired ones :)

SO glad I picked these out because these are easily my favorite now. Wish they had it in blue as well so I can get all super matchy haha.  These are really lightweight and comfortable to wear. But seriously though, blue ones?!

I can't say much about the actual lenses because my eyesight has improved since high school and these aren't prescription.  Just so you know they DO have prescription sunglasses! :3

**One pair of glasses can be won (plus free shipping) everyday by visting the LUCKY DRAW page.** ♥

top forever21
skirt ebay
leggings forever21

Thank you Firmoo for this opportunity!


Mint Dress

I am constantly working on something so this weekend, I finally took a break and had my "summer". Still feeling like a zombie and I have really weird tan lines.  Can't wait to share pictures from our trip to a new beach!  I've never gone in the water before because of the huge possibility of getting swept away but we found one with low waves :D

dress- drjays
shoes- thrifted (kinda see em?!)
necklace- ebay

These photos were taken last month and things got super busy... :(  I am 22 and for many years I have been trying to curl my hair using a clamp iron. I have failed countless times, tried many videos and could not do it without getting those ickie bend ends.  NOT ANYMORE.  I finally learned how to do it and it's a huge D'OH moment for me.  It's pretty awesome since I can do it quickly and it actually lasts longer.

I am have been wondering if I should start making videos.  Mainly for my patterns and thought maybe filming might be much more helpful than poor drawings/instructions.... especially with that slipper pattern.  I should probably get that new lens asap then.  

Oh! I don't know if I mentioned this but I updated my patterns page recently. Found some super old ones like a mini top hat.

There's one day left to enter in Urban Body Jewelry giveaway!! ♥
I've got some catching up to do! Happy Tuesday.


Cute Finds

1. Bunny Cookie Pins: So adorable, can I eat these?! 
2. Owl Bag: Love this tiny owl bag!!
3. "Life's a Beach" sunglasses: I love these style of glasses. I actually own a pair in black... but this is awesome with all those pastel flowers!!
4. Nothing To Lose: One of my favorites :)
5. Heart bracelet: Yes! I don't want to say I'm boring but I do prefer simple jewelry over statement pieces. Dainty bracelets and teeny gem rings especially with tiny hearts, please!
6. Pumpkin Carriage Necklace: Cinderella! This is on sale if anyone wants to grab it up :D
7. Purple Flower Crown: It's so tiny and I want it!!!

1. Boston Terrier Bag:  On my wishlist, please. Gimme! You can see the dog face shoes featured here.  I would like both nao, maybe for my next splurge?
3. Fox Bag: I haven't seen one like this before. Can I have all the foxes?
3. Cut Out Romper: I have actually never worn a romper before. I don't think I can pull it off but maybe I'll get this one to try out.
4. Lilac You Polish: I've been feeling pastel colors lately.. lilac is my favorite.  I'm in the process of growing out my baby nails before spending money on polish :3
5. Octopus Ring: Should I get this for my lil octopus/squid collection? AHHHH.
6. Sweetheart Dress: If I didn't already buy a mint dress, this would be mine. I love that heart shaped back.
7. Pastel Whale Earrings: ADORABLE.
8. Phone Wallet: ENOUGH MINT, RIGHT? Nah. My boyfriend bought me this recently and it fits my beastily Samsung Galaxy babies. I love it :D

Which ones are your favorite?! What have you found lately?



dress- drjays
shoes- doc martens
necklace- cupcakes and mace

My new favorite dress~! It's still on sale right here. I finally made extra room for my new wardrobe :) I'm a packrat, it was really difficult for me to part with old clothing. I still kept a few pieces like my Aaahh!!! Real Monsters shirt back from middle school.  It's a tiny piece from my childhood and I don't feel like handing it off to someone who has no idea what it is, you know?! Or is this just crazy reasoning to continue these hoarding habits?

I have two photo sessions to share very soon!! We need two more models for my mermaid shoot.  It would be so awesome if it could happen this month ~preferably at the beach~. I want to share details but I don't want to give anything away too haha

Happy Monday!

PSST! If you want to win a premade blogger template from me, go to True Blue Abbi's blog and enter here.


Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway

ABOUT: UrbanBodyJewelry.com was started in 2010 by a group of body modification enthusiasts. Everyone that works at here at UBJ has some type of body mod, whether it be a tongue ring, stretched ears, lips ring or tattoos. The shop features 8 different types of body jewelry with a huge selection of plugs, tunnels and tapers. Working hard to bring you competitive prices and jewelry to the online market. Customer Service is the #1 priority at UBJ,if your not happy, then we're not happy! Please browse the site for all your body jewelry needs and bookmark the if you like it.

I love body modification especially my double nostril piecings and stretched earlobes. I feel so naked without any jewelry in. I'm at a 00 gauge and currently have 12 other piercings. Most of them are lobe and cartilage piercings. My only secret one is my tongue!

These are a couple of my favorites. Of course I have plans to get those pug plugs.. if they decide to add more puppies to their website.. then more for me!

Interested in stretching your lobes? Follow Urban Body Jewelry's guide to do it safely! They also have stretching kits available at affordable prices and sell o-rings seperately. Who else has lost those things and didn't want to pay for new plugs to get more? haha

If stretched lobes aren't for you, they also have a wide range of other body jewelry :) Urban Body Jewelry offers free shipping on orders over $20! It's super easy to fill your cart up but if you manage to get under, then it's only $2 shipping. Which is still awesome.

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