Cute Finds

1. Bunny Cookie Pins: So adorable, can I eat these?! 
2. Owl Bag: Love this tiny owl bag!!
3. "Life's a Beach" sunglasses: I love these style of glasses. I actually own a pair in black... but this is awesome with all those pastel flowers!!
4. Nothing To Lose: One of my favorites :)
5. Heart bracelet: Yes! I don't want to say I'm boring but I do prefer simple jewelry over statement pieces. Dainty bracelets and teeny gem rings especially with tiny hearts, please!
6. Pumpkin Carriage Necklace: Cinderella! This is on sale if anyone wants to grab it up :D
7. Purple Flower Crown: It's so tiny and I want it!!!

1. Boston Terrier Bag:  On my wishlist, please. Gimme! You can see the dog face shoes featured here.  I would like both nao, maybe for my next splurge?
3. Fox Bag: I haven't seen one like this before. Can I have all the foxes?
3. Cut Out Romper: I have actually never worn a romper before. I don't think I can pull it off but maybe I'll get this one to try out.
4. Lilac You Polish: I've been feeling pastel colors lately.. lilac is my favorite.  I'm in the process of growing out my baby nails before spending money on polish :3
5. Octopus Ring: Should I get this for my lil octopus/squid collection? AHHHH.
6. Sweetheart Dress: If I didn't already buy a mint dress, this would be mine. I love that heart shaped back.
7. Pastel Whale Earrings: ADORABLE.
8. Phone Wallet: ENOUGH MINT, RIGHT? Nah. My boyfriend bought me this recently and it fits my beastily Samsung Galaxy babies. I love it :D

Which ones are your favorite?! What have you found lately?

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