Dress Haul

I went through all of the racks and found a couple of dresses to try on at Goodwill. I took home that one. It's kind of similar to this dress but with smaller pockets and lots o buttons! My favorite part is that it doesn't need a belt to define the waist. Woo!

One of my problems with dresses are that the straps are usually too long. I'm thinking I could fix it myself when I'm feeling brave... It's annoying to constantly have to pull up falling straps haha.

I also got these babies!! My boyfriend randomly sent me a link to Dr Jays having a sale. Dresses were marked down around 70% and thought it would be best to take advantage of it. Plus him senting the link to me is like he agrees, right? 

The first dress is something I don't see myself wearing so I knew I had to get it! Found out wearing tops with collars makes me feel a bit suffocated. Why am I so weird? :(  It's kind of impossible to get out without assistance so it's a no go for me. I think it'll be better off going to someone with a smaller bust.

 Would anyone like to take this dress off my hands? I'll be putting it up in Storenvy in a bit!

I love the material of the other two. It's so SOFT and flowy. Can I get these in different colors so I can wear it forever?!  The striped dress is my first ever cutout back. I was a bit scared but I think it looks fine so far.

Questions for you!
Would it be a mistake to carefully snip stitches on the straps and re-stitch it lower & tighter?
Has anyone used those backless or adhesive bras? Opinions/Experiences!!

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