Mint Dress

I am constantly working on something so this weekend, I finally took a break and had my "summer". Still feeling like a zombie and I have really weird tan lines.  Can't wait to share pictures from our trip to a new beach!  I've never gone in the water before because of the huge possibility of getting swept away but we found one with low waves :D

dress- drjays
shoes- thrifted (kinda see em?!)
necklace- ebay

These photos were taken last month and things got super busy... :(  I am 22 and for many years I have been trying to curl my hair using a clamp iron. I have failed countless times, tried many videos and could not do it without getting those ickie bend ends.  NOT ANYMORE.  I finally learned how to do it and it's a huge D'OH moment for me.  It's pretty awesome since I can do it quickly and it actually lasts longer.

I am have been wondering if I should start making videos.  Mainly for my patterns and thought maybe filming might be much more helpful than poor drawings/instructions.... especially with that slipper pattern.  I should probably get that new lens asap then.  

Oh! I don't know if I mentioned this but I updated my patterns page recently. Found some super old ones like a mini top hat.

There's one day left to enter in Urban Body Jewelry giveaway!! ♥
I've got some catching up to do! Happy Tuesday.

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