My Camera & Lenses!

Here's all of my babies accumulated over the past couple of years. I decided to start my photography business back in 2012 and that meant saving up {miserably} for new equipment. I am generally a patient person but camera things get me so excited haha.

50mm 1.8: Actually just borrowing this from Anda~ Best inexpensive lens for a beginner! It's sharp and good for low light. I never noticed how loud the autofocus was until I got the 1.4 haha.

50mm 1.4: This is my go-to lens. When comparing it to the 1.8: better saturation, autofocus, build quality and rounder bokeh.  My second lens investment!

18-55mm: Kit lens that came with the boyfriend's Rebel XS. I've used this a handful of times but the quality is just not my favorite. I would rather use my ultra wide lens than this.

85mm 1.8: This has super creamy backgrounds and amazing bokeh. Makes me wish I had a full frame camera instead of having to go back so far. I like to use this for half body portraits or close ups.  Very sharp!

10-22mm: My most used lens. I used this for landscapes, indoor portraits, beach photos and generally everything else. The ultra wide makes for fun distortion :) It won't work on full frame camera and since I have plans to upgrade soon, this baby needs to go. Interested? Email me!

Canon 7D: My first DSLR! I've had it for a couple of years. I am surprised it's still alive, I feel like it's been overused haha.

Canon Rebel XS: Boyfriend's camera :3 I always recommend beginners to get a Rebel  since it's much more affordable. You can probably get this off Ebay or Craigslist for around $200 including a kit lens or 50mm lens.

Canon 580EX II: The best Christmas gift, right? In the beginning I was doing many indoor portraits and the on-camera flash was just not flattering at all.   I can also take this off the camera and use the wireless flash function to place it elsewhere. 

I've only ever used Canon before but I'm thinking my next lens will be the Rokinon 35mm 1.4 or Canon 35mm f/2. I am going to need to get into a research mode and try to figure out which one would be best.

Also thank you Canon 5D Mark III, you are making seem much more possible to upgrade now that the 5D II is cheaper.  I'll definitely get a head start if I can sell one of my lenses. It'll probably cut the time in half. So fingers are crossed!

Why not sell your current camera? I know it'll cover the majority of the cost but right now I don't even see it as an option. It's my first baby. :( I can only imagine how high the shutter count is! PLUS once I get the full frame body then my 7D will be given to my boyfriend to use for our shoots! Happy...handmedown?  haha

What camera & lenses do you currently use? Do you plan to upgrade?

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