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ABOUT: UrbanBodyJewelry.com was started in 2010 by a group of body modification enthusiasts. Everyone that works at here at UBJ has some type of body mod, whether it be a tongue ring, stretched ears, lips ring or tattoos. The shop features 8 different types of body jewelry with a huge selection of plugs, tunnels and tapers. Working hard to bring you competitive prices and jewelry to the online market. Customer Service is the #1 priority at UBJ,if your not happy, then we're not happy! Please browse the site for all your body jewelry needs and bookmark the if you like it.

I love body modification especially my double nostril piecings and stretched earlobes. I feel so naked without any jewelry in. I'm at a 00 gauge and currently have 12 other piercings. Most of them are lobe and cartilage piercings. My only secret one is my tongue!

These are a couple of my favorites. Of course I have plans to get those pug plugs.. if they decide to add more puppies to their website.. then more for me!

Interested in stretching your lobes? Follow Urban Body Jewelry's guide to do it safely! They also have stretching kits available at affordable prices and sell o-rings seperately. Who else has lost those things and didn't want to pay for new plugs to get more? haha

If stretched lobes aren't for you, they also have a wide range of other body jewelry :) Urban Body Jewelry offers free shipping on orders over $20! It's super easy to fill your cart up but if you manage to get under, then it's only $2 shipping. Which is still awesome.

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