Urban Body Jewelry {Review}

I immediately fell in love with these opal rose bud plugs.  It's cool to see those various colors when the light is hitting it!  I struggled a little trying to get these in since it's double flared but it's all good now!  Easily my new favorites! I have been wearing these nonstop for two weeks. You can check out their other plugs here. ♥‿♥

Most of my jewelry is either silicone or titanium and my ears definitely love these so much more. I'm sure these can't be worn in freshly stretched ears. It will most likely cause an infection since it can trap bacteria.  My ears can get quite sensitive if the wrong jewelry is worn like nickel or stainless steel.

These are my other favorites that I'll be including in my future "mini" shopping spree: pug and floral plugs (will be forever mine).  Fingers are crossed that by then some L shaped nose studs will be added to the website because I'm in need of some new ones badly!


Thank you so much Urban Body Jewelry for sending me these plugs! I feel spoiled. I'm not used to fast shipping. I was a little surprised since I have never received such cute packaging before.  Aren't the business cards adorable?!  Floral and galaxy, yessss!  How am I supposed to give these away when I want to keep these all for myself?  These are awesome.

- C/O urban body jewelry
dress- ebay
leggings- forever21

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