Bella Need's Surgery.

We need help raising money to cover the cost of a surgery for one of our furry babies.

All funds from my shop & photography will be going towards Bella's surgery.

UPDATE: So far we received three donations for our baby, almost $50!!

The very first time I saw Bella was at a friend's house, I wanted to take her home and even told my boyfriend that haha. Mine please! I've never met such an extremely friendly dog like her. Plus she's a super cute fluffy that likes to cuddle. Back in 2010, my boyfriend and I had moved out and our friend ended up giving us Bella!! She came from a home with a couple of other dogs and wasn't getting enough attention over there.

Her previous owner had neglected to tell us one very important piece about Bella. She was with us for a couple of months before she had a seizure. I nearly had a panic attack over it. Apparently since she was a puppy, she's had epilepsy. Obviously this didn't change what we thought of her, she will always be our baby! Something else came up later when we met up with the guy again. We found out she has two masses (that look like cow udder's) on her belly. Bella has so much hair that you need to lift her up to be able to see it!

We would like to have hernia surgery done for her in early 2014.  

She likes to roll around in the grass (and dirt apparently) to dry off after a bath.
Bella's seizures vary from month to month but we noticed it usually happens while she's on her heat cycle. We wanted to get her "fixed" to get her seizures under control since it was probably happening due to the spike of hormones. We recently went in and the vet told us she had to hernia surgery first or they will not fix her. I already have some money aside but any bits will help. We will also like to get her medication for pain and medication for seizures (just to be safe, while she's healing)

Just sitting like a people, watching tv...
It's taken me awhile to even write up this post. I feel weird about asking for help. I've only done it once before and it was unsuccessful but this time, this is something MUCH more important to me. I'm basically relying on my small businesses as income and it'll probably take 5-8 months of saving up with absolutely no spending just to cover the cost of surgery. I don't want to burden my boyfriend since he already has a million bills/loans to take care of himself.

Bella's age is unknown to us but I feel like she's at least 5 or 6 years old. Her masses don't cause her any pain but we need to get this done. We aren't sure of a price yet but we are looking into our options since it ranges from $700 to $2,000.  We will be getting pet insurance.  I'll feel much more comfortable with this if she had pain medication. We definitely need to get medication for her seizures as well while she's healing. That's just a scary thing to even think about.


Crop Sweater OOTD (+ Free handwritten font!)

Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To by Best Coast on Grooveshark

I actually don't wear long sleeves.  It's like jeans.. most of the time it's too hot and constricting. But I love floral and crop tops.. so I figured why not it's going to get cold eventually.

top- forever21
shorts- forever21
shoes- ebay

These were my new favorite shoes until an incident happened. I fell and skinned my knee for the first time in forever haha.

So I have been completely uninspired & unmotivated for weeks.  It's unusual for me because generally I'm a super happy person with never ending ideas, to do lists and not enough time for it all.  I'm not even sad, I just don't want to do things.  The energy I do have is put into simple lazy mode. I'm saying no  and coming up with excuses to simple, possible things. Hopefully this passes asap. Probably going to throw myself right back into things and see how that goes!

I recently created my own font. I would like to make more but my handwriting on paper is horrible/sloppy~ You can download it for free here. ~Not to be sold~. Can be used in personal and commercial work, if you like!


Kitty OOTD + Shop

hair- ion brights aqua
dress- ebay
leggings- forever21
boots- doc martens
plugs- urbanbodyjewelry
ring- gift

September is my lazy month...
I have been thinking over a couple of things with a negative mind (stop it!) and I have been focusing on anything else just not to ruin my mood.  Why is being a pushover making a return? I can't tell people no or to be patient.  I had two custom designs to do and three sessions to edit.  It was starting to get stressful because people are all about instant gratification and maybe they forgot a human is behind doing it?  
  I'm not sure if my blogging break is completely over yet. I have been coming up with new things for the shop and have dabbled in more custom work now.  I'm still learning the graphic design part but my favorite is the coding.   I'm pretty much clueless with pricing.


The first layout is my favorite custom work because of that floral header. It was done in one of my favorite programs PaintTool Sai 💗   Second one is actually a mix of two layouts they liked in the shop!

Here are some of the recent premade layouts I've made...

The Skeleton Key

Sunset Vintage

Strawberry Sorbet


Raspberry was actually inspired by one of Candypow's old layouts. I'm trying to work with more colors, different fonts and backgrounds. So many ideas!!  Use "THX15" for 15% off your order of a layout! The coupon code expires September 30th.

- - - - - - -

Is anyone excited about the return of shows?  Paranormal Witness, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Bones, The Big Bang Theory and those new ones: Sleepy Hollow, Dads,  Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc!!

THERE'S SO MANY THINGS I CAN WATCH NOW.  Sleepy Hollow is pretty creeeeeepy and I need to know more about it haha


See you later

swimtop- albionfit
shorts- forever21

It's time! I am taking a mini break from blogging just to focus on my photography and shops. I have this bad feeling my camera is going to die very soon. It's a lot of money for me to send it in while I'm still this teeny tiny small business owner. Must refocus!

We had this shoot last weekend and it took a little while to get there then relocate to another beach because the tide was surprisingly a beast. My two batteries would not work and luckily my boyfriend had bought an extra knockoff battery.  SO scary.


I am also out of shape, not so healthy or flexible anymore. My legs get sore after walking a few flights of stairs and my feet are beginning to cramp up again. Nooo thanks.

Starting to feel like I'm getting into a slump.  People are becoming too demanding and it's too much pressure trying to do everything at once.  No one seems to be patient anymore which is making me not enjoy the things I do anymore. 

The sun is setting a hour earlier now and it's making me sad.  I AM NOT READY FOR THIS TO END. I really don't want nighttime at 5pm. No. No. No.

There's things I can work on during my break! Like designing, drawing, playing Wii games and getting better at Rockband to beat the boyfriend.  Seems like pretty decent goals.

See you later!


Photo Series: Speed Retouch

We finally got a website: crissyandcarlosphoto.com!
I only bought the domain name and hosting, everything else was done by the wizard Anda.  I'm extremely clueless. It's all foreign to me especially the self hosted.

Here's a peek of last weekend's beach shoot. It didn't go as planned since some people couldn't make it and was turned into a last minute swimsuit shoot.  Here is the beautiful Sarah!

I decided to do a speed retouch as well if anyone was curious about the process. :3

Portraiture Plugin
MCP Newborn Necessities- Paint On Red Baby Fix
MCP Eye Doctor & Dentist- The Eye Doctor
Florabella Luxe II- Love
Silent Daisy- Pop Curves
Florabella- Rainbow Overlays

Here are some other recent photos:

  View more pictures from this session here.

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