Crop Sweater OOTD (+ Free handwritten font!)

Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To by Best Coast on Grooveshark

I actually don't wear long sleeves.  It's like jeans.. most of the time it's too hot and constricting. But I love floral and crop tops.. so I figured why not it's going to get cold eventually.

top- forever21
shorts- forever21
shoes- ebay

These were my new favorite shoes until an incident happened. I fell and skinned my knee for the first time in forever haha.

So I have been completely uninspired & unmotivated for weeks.  It's unusual for me because generally I'm a super happy person with never ending ideas, to do lists and not enough time for it all.  I'm not even sad, I just don't want to do things.  The energy I do have is put into simple lazy mode. I'm saying no  and coming up with excuses to simple, possible things. Hopefully this passes asap. Probably going to throw myself right back into things and see how that goes!

I recently created my own font. I would like to make more but my handwriting on paper is horrible/sloppy~ You can download it for free here. ~Not to be sold~. Can be used in personal and commercial work, if you like!

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