See you later

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shorts- forever21

It's time! I am taking a mini break from blogging just to focus on my photography and shops. I have this bad feeling my camera is going to die very soon. It's a lot of money for me to send it in while I'm still this teeny tiny small business owner. Must refocus!

We had this shoot last weekend and it took a little while to get there then relocate to another beach because the tide was surprisingly a beast. My two batteries would not work and luckily my boyfriend had bought an extra knockoff battery.  SO scary.


I am also out of shape, not so healthy or flexible anymore. My legs get sore after walking a few flights of stairs and my feet are beginning to cramp up again. Nooo thanks.

Starting to feel like I'm getting into a slump.  People are becoming too demanding and it's too much pressure trying to do everything at once.  No one seems to be patient anymore which is making me not enjoy the things I do anymore. 

The sun is setting a hour earlier now and it's making me sad.  I AM NOT READY FOR THIS TO END. I really don't want nighttime at 5pm. No. No. No.

There's things I can work on during my break! Like designing, drawing, playing Wii games and getting better at Rockband to beat the boyfriend.  Seems like pretty decent goals.

See you later!

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