AdieHolly Dress ♥

I was in need of change. A distraction. Ashley had commented on my turquoise hair awhile ago and looking at pictures made me miss it! Now I have all of my favorite colors in my hair.

matching fabric buttons! ♥

dat collar

I had ordered a dress as a "distraction" as well but with everything going on I completely forgot about it!   I randomly stumbled upon the Etsy shop:  AdieHolly.  I adore tons of vintage dresses on Etsy but the prices make it unattainable (aka dies inside).  I instantly fell in love with the colors, floral print and the doily collar plus this baby was revived! You can view the before and after. I am barely 5'2" so it's long on me haha.

  Silk Blouse // Peter Pan Lace Collar Dress // High Waisted Shortsm // Babydoll Dress

I was going to return to blogging all sorts of things but not yet. Some of you saw my Instagram photo of the hospital room. A couple of friends actually messaged my boyfriend to see if I was okay. I am fine-- it's actually my mom in the hospital. I couldn't get into any details because at the time, there weren't any good news to share and I didn't want to explain those parts just in case something worse could happen. I thought it would at least explain my disappearance.

I decided it would be the best to cancel shoots, plans and blow most of my savings on a laptop. I could work while I'm in the hospital and then later at rehabilitation. It'll take weeks and I won't have to shut down my shops-- my only income as of lately. My boyfriend is the sweetest -- he gave me his old laptop. (An excuse for him to get something new. Sneaky.)

My shop is having a sale! Use the coupon code DAISY10 for 10% off on premade blogger layouts.

Happy Halloween!:)

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