Color Bug Review

I have never tried a temporary color as a spray or even that DIY hair chalk.  This is my first time ever hearing of Color Bug!  I was curious. Would that even show up in my already dyed hair? I've only seen hair chalk on natural colors or pre-lightened & ombre hair.

Hunt Or Dye sent me this to try out. Color Bug is a temporary color that looks exactly like a large eyeshadow to me. The directions say you're supposed to wear a towel around your shoulders as you apply because it can get messy. The first time I used this, I had sprayed a bit of hairspray and applied it over it.  Very vibrant results!

I'm surprised the purple showed up on my hair! It took a bit of the product to build up. I also tried this without hairspray and I'm still not sure which one works better since I've already hit the pan. (So much hair.)

Colorbug did stain my hands and clothes slightly but it came right off with water.  I don't dare to wear white haha.   I've worn this about three times on separate days.  At first I didn't like it because of how much it would flake off onto me and it looked like I had this purple sunburn.  Less is more!

I applied a bunch for the last time and shook off the excess away from my body haha. This is a great temporary color if you're looking for an easy application, need to wash it out easily or want to try out multiple colors. Since it in a powder, it can build up on those darker hair colors. You don't have to be pre-lightened!!

Already so tempted to put some purple back in.  If I ever give up hair dye again, then I'll probably use this for an ombre effect or change up colors during summer. Hunt Or Dye also has Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, White and Pink that you can view here.

Have you tried a temporary color (a spray, maybe)?

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